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The other day on the F this woman comes over from where she's sitting, with a dazed/mad/psycho stare, saying "He just spit on me" over and over. Some guy she didn't even know just decided to spit on her. Anyway, she ended up telling the conductor who stopped the train at Jay St. and called the cops over the loud speaker. That was my stop, so I wasn't stuck there or anything, but I felt pretty bad for this woman. Especially since the dude hopped on the same A train as I did a few minutes later while the woman and the conducter waited for the cops. Whoops. It reminds me of the time the crazy-eye man yelled at me not to cough on him on the A last year. Even though he was sitting and I was standing...on the OTHER side. So of course I couldn't help but cough like I've never coughed before.

Oh! Yesterday a customer decided to take off her skirt and hang out in her panties. I've heard the expression skank ass hoe many times, but no one has deserved it more than that girl. I don't mind a girl in her panties but this chick wouldn't even get 2 nickels from me. Sigh...why can't the hot european girls that come in chill in their undies.

Today is *SIREN_FEST*, but I'm not sure If I'm going. Plenty of people I know are going but the trains are a mess this weekend and I don't wanna deal. The F is not going into Coney Island, the G is and we all know how badly the G sucks on your grandaddy's schweaty balls.
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